FAQ Weddings

Why are engagement sessions included in the packages? Do we really need to have one?

I chose to include a complimentary engagement session with all my premade packages as it’s a great way to get to know each other a little bit better. It’s also a wonderful opportunity to see how it feels to work with the camera, removing any apprehension that may otherwise appear on your wedding day. The sessions can be as serious or as silly as you would like, we can do them at a location of your choice and we can even have a theme to them.

There are two photographers included in the packages, do we really need two photographers?

I always recommend to my clients that if possible they go for the two photographer option; having two photographers gives you a greater choice of photographs from your day. For example, you will have two different angles of perspective during the ceremony, you will have both bride and groom getting ready photographs, while I head off to do photos with the bride and groom the second photographer stays with the guests and captures the fun going on there. The photographers who work with me are all fabulous artists, professional and full of fun!

How long is the viewing gallery up for?

Your viewing gallery will be up for 6 weeks, I will check with you that the timing suits before the 6 week period will begin. If you need additional time to the 6 weeks, there is a €20 fee to extend the time by a further 6 weeks.

Can I print the photographs off the disc?

By all means! A full printing release (not to be confused with copyright release) form is included on the disc allowing you to print as many photos as often as you would like. The photos may not be used commercially however, or claimed as someone else’s work.

Do you provide the unedited originals on the disc?

The photographs you get on the disc are the edited versions in high resolution, I do not provide the unedited versions. This would be the same as asking an artist to sell a half finished painting, you won’t find too many that will agree to it!

Is it possible to order products at a later date?

I keep all photographs on back-up for a minimum of one year and you will be notified if your wedding is going to be removed for any reason (it is yet to happen, all weddings I have shot over the past five years are still backed-up here). You, and your friends and family, are free to order any products as often as you would like. It can be hard to know before your wedding date what products you will want, even six months later you may move house and there could be a spot on the wall that’s just screaming for a beautiful gallery wrapped canvas. Just let me know and we can organise to have your photos put back online for you to choose from.


If I haven’t covered a question here that you may have, please don’t hesitate to contact me at roberta@robertacotterphotography.com (or use the contact form linked n the menubar above) or call me on 095-33955. I would be delighted to answer any questions you may have.